Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Prayer

"A Friend in Need" from Aotearoa Psalms 

Lord, I am hurting
I feel like a tree 
with its roots laid bare.
Suddenly there seems to be no support
and I don't know what to do about it.

I know that adversity builds character
but that's tomorrow's story
and it has no meaning for now. 
What I need, Lord, is a friend. 

Choose my friend carefully.
Please, no one who's going to tell me
how to put my life straight,
no amateur analyst or teacher, 
no preacher, no well-meaning person 
who is going to "should" all over me. 

I want someone to come in the door
with a smile and a big warm hug
to let me know I'm valuable
just as I am. 
There'll be no advice,
no expectation of change.
My friend will already know 
that pain is important in journey
and must be travelled through.
My friend will stay beside me
and hold my hand 
while I make my own discoveries.

And then, when all this is over, 
Lord help me to remember two things:
To say "Thank you,"
and to be a friend
with a big warm hug
to someone else in pain. 

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