Monday, September 26, 2011

A unexpected visit from Jesus

B: Will you be doing your vocal warm-ups today?

Me: Um...I'm going to try but I don't know how much time I'll have before the kids get here.

B: You know, I used to sing but I haven't for a long time. My son died ten years ago and I haven't had the will to do it since.

Me: Oh.

B: But I think maybe it is time. I think he would be disappointed in me. I used to be a professional singer, you see, and he would come to all my performances and whisper to whoever was sitting next to him, "That's my mom!" He would be 27 now. I think maybe sometime I would like to come and sing some of the warm ups with you.

Me: I would be honored.

B: I want to do it for my son.

Jesus, thank you for the reminder that I just never know where people have come from and what they have been through. May I never assume that I know someone just because I have had a few short conversations with them. Help me to love, not only because I am loving, but because it is right, transformative, and redeeming. May that unrelenting love guide me. May those I interact with see your love in my eyes and may I have the grace to offer each person time and dignity. May I see you in every face and every soul inside of your love. Thank you for the wonder of a mother's love. I pray for healing for my friend's heart and for the return of song in her life.

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